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Rolling Stone Feature: 'We Should Be Able to Work in Any Genre Regardless of Our Race'6/10/2020

“Our skin color does not dictate our interest, our knowledge, or our expertise - I go to karaoke, and I sing Carrie Underwood, I sing Panic! At the Disco. I grew up playing the saxophone and have been listening to Taylor Swift since ‘Teardrops on My Guitar.’ We should be able to work in any genre regardless of our race.” - Latoya Lee, Vice President of Creative Services at Atlas Music Publishing

As we are watching history unfold and create waves of change across our nation, the music industry is also taking a closer look at what changes can be made here in our court. Willingness to openly talk about the issues our black employees and creatives have been facing as well as educating ourselves on a timeline of past events is key in enacting real change. Removing the label “urban” across all departments is one of the first steps in the right direction. The label “urban” holds 80 years worth of poor marketing tactics to solely appeal to white consumers and an unfortunate source of pigeon holding black creatives in those departments.

Having more open discussions regarding race and advocating for equal opportunities and representation across our artists, writers, employees, and executives no matter what genre and race are vital to our growth in the music industry.

Link to the full Rolling Stone article here

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