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Hits Daily Double: Atlas CEO, Rich Stumpf, Speaks Out On Recent Copyright Infringement Cases8/16/2019

Friday, August 16th, Hits Daily Double published an article surrounding the recent copyright infringement alligations made against the creators of the hit song, "Shallow" from A Star Is Born. According to the recent claim, a Nashville-based songwriter is saying that "Shallow" borrows a three-note ascending melody from his song written back in 2012. Being that three-chord ascending notes are common across pop songs, it raises the questions as to whether or not this is worthy of copyright infringement. Furthermore, it becomes an even larger concern when cases like this are brought to court and presented to jurors with little or no knowledge of what deems a song as copyright infringment. Hits Daily Double spoke to several music attorneys and publishers on the matter such as Howard King, who represented Thicke and William's "Blurred Lines" case, Jeffrey Light from Myman, Greenspan, Fox, Rosenberg, Mobasser, Younger & Light, Scotter Cutler, CEO at Pulse Music Group, as well as Atlas Music Publishing's CEO, Richard Stumpf.

"We seem to have hit a point in copyright claims that could be likened to ambulance chasing - It will only serve to stifle creativity. Nobody should have an exclusive license over what most musicologists would cosnider building blocks of music. The result wil be a very fearful creative and music business community. I also don't think these cases should be heard by traditional jurors, but rather by a jury of experts (i.e. musicologists).", says Richard Stumpf.

Click here to read the full article at Hits Daily Double.

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