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Atlas Music Publishing CEO: Solutions to Streaming Rate Debate 'Staring Right at Us' (Guest Op-Ed)6/18/2019

Today Billboard published an article after a recent interview with Atlas Music Publishing's CEO, Rich Stumpf, on the "elephant in the room" and how compromise can benefit everyone at large in the fight towards equality for labels, publishers, and above all, songwriters. Negotiating royalties received and distributed from DSPs and radio equally to labels and publishers is one major suggestion brought up by Rich. When it was first brought up about 7 years ago it seemed quite risky but now, it's just what the industry might need and the NMPA board has strong group of people behind it that can help push this movement.

Quote, "We need the progressive thinkers of both the publisher and record community to come together and make some deals. I'm encouraged by some of the newer NMPA board members, who clearly lean towards where we are going, not where we've been. I also believe the NMPA have an all-star staff who can make this a reality. I'm calling on them and the members of the record community to ensure this idea receives the attention it deserves. Let's stop wasting time and money trying to fit today's business into yesterday's rules. I think being a Recording Academy Trustee and also having worked for a DSP many moons ago allows me to see the wider picture from all points of view. Sometimes, when we get to in the trenches wearing just our publisher or label hat, we fail to see the solution that is staring right at us.

Be sure to read the full article here in Billboard's Business Section.

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