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Atlas' Latoya Lee speaks up in recent Recording Academy / GRAMMYs article "Why A&R Matters In The Streaming Era: 7 Women Share Their Experiences5/2/2019

True and honest words quoted by Atlas Music Publishings very own Latoya Lee, VP of Creative Services, in a recent Recording Academy / GRAMMYs' article shared on Thursday, May 2nd.

“More so than ever the market is very oversaturated, and I think we're in this space where everyone thinks they're well equipped for everyone's job and that's not the case… most of the time it's the team behind that person that really helps you stand out.”

Among her, Taylor Lindsey, VP of A&R at Sony Music Nashville, Stephanie Wright, VP of A&R at Universal Music Group Nashville, Gelareh Rouzbehani, CEO of Rouz Group, an A&R and artist management company, Allison Jones, SVP of A&R at Big Machine Label Group, Barbara Sealy, Managing Partner at SB Music Management in Los Angeles, and Ashley Calhoun, VP of A&R at Pulse Media in Los Angeles, tell in their own words how vital the role of an A&R person is to the music industry. To put it in simpler terms, Rouzbehani says it best, "I think A&R is the nucleus of the record label; without the right song, the right music, you don't really have a product to push, and other departments can't do their work. I think it always starts with the music... and then from there we build on."

The article also touches upon how useful data (as in streaming numbers, number of followers, ticket sales, etc.) but, how gut instinct is just as important when it comes to determining what’s “good music” at the end of the day, how quality music will always outshine the falsified need to fit within a certain genre, what doors A&R personnel open not just for their clients but also, within their music communities, being inclusive and fair across the board especially when it comes to country music, and above all the need for female mentorship and open dialogue.

Feel free to read the full article here

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