Keren Poznansky - Public Relations

With more than 15 years of experience in public relations, and with an extensive network of media contacts that spans all of entertainment including: print, broadcast and online outlets, Keren has conducted wide-reaching press campaigns for some of the most well-known artists and brands while working at the biggest record labels in the world. Past campaigns include the Grammy-Award winning album, Megadeth’s Dystopia, Iron Maiden’s documentary “Flight 666," Motown’s 50th Anniversary, The Velvet Underground catalog, and more.

In addition to working in music, Keren has also worked in fashion and produced several successful events including the opening of the True Religion New Orleans store and the Russell Westbrook (RW x TR) pop-up in Oklahoma City which generated nearly 1 billion impressions with print press in the Associated Press, New York Times, High Snobiety, GQ, and

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