Above & Beyond "All Over The World (Ft. Alex Vargas)"
Above & Beyond
Album: We Are All We Need
Genres: Electronic, Pop
Moods: Danceable, Electric, Powerful, Upbeat
Alex Vargas "Higher Love"
Album: Cohere
Genres: Alternative, Pop
Moods: Captivated, Dark, Desire, Eerie, Impassioned, Mysterious, Passionate
Alex Vargas "Giving Up the Ghost"
Album: Giving Up the Ghost (EP)
Genre: Indie
Moods: Dark, Determined, Eerie
Andrea Bocelli "Con Te Partirò"
Andrea Bocelli
Album: Romanza
Genre: Pop
Moods: Ambient, Calm, Captivated, Uplifting, Melancholic
Arty "Stronger (Ft. Ray Dalton)"
Album: Glorious
Genre: Vocal
Moods: Emotional, Impassioned, Yearning, Dramatic
Falls "When We Were Young"
Album: Omaha
Genres: Folk, Indie
Moods: Happy, Lively, Relaxing, Warm
Fergie "Life Goes On"
Album: Double Dutchess
Genre: Pop
Moods: Contemplative, Laid Back, Reflective, Storytelling
Gorillaz (ft. Del the Funkee Homosapien) "Rock The House"
Gorillaz (ft. Del the Funkee Homosapien)
Album: Gorillaz
Genre: Electronic
Moods: Funky, Futuristic, Party
Got A Girl "Did We Live Too Fast"
Album: I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now
Genre: Alternative
Moods: Flirtatious, Reflective, Relaxed
John Newman "I'm Not Your Man"
John Newman
Album: Revolve
Genre: Pop
Moods: Ballad, Loving, Sad, Dramatic
Jojee "Claim"
Album: Claim - Single
Genre: Alternative
Moods: Ambient, Eerie, Mysterious, Problematic, Melancholic
Kristian Bush "Feeling Fine California"
Kristian Bush
Album: Southern Gravity
Genre: Country
Moods: Feel Good, Free, Happy, Dramatic
Leona Lewis "Fire Under My Feet"
Leona Lewis
Album: Fire (Under My Feet) - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Confident, Energetic, Fun, Powerful
Lindsey Stirling "Love's Just a Feeling (ft. Rooty)"
Lindsey Stirling
Album: Brave Enough
Genre: Pop
Moods: Danceable, Energetic, Lively, Love, Party, Melancholic
Miami Horror "Out Of Sight"
Miami Horror
Album: All Possible Futures
Genre: Indie
Moods: Danceable, Energetic, Funky, Upbeat
Mother Mother "Love Stuck"
Mother Mother
Album: Love Stuck - Single
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Moods: Desire, Feel Good, Upbeat
Parker Lane "3 AM"
Parker Lane
Album: P.L.A.Y.
Genres: Alternative, Folk
Moods: Ambient, Breezy, Communication, Desire, Flirtatious, Playful, Relaxing
Prince Royce "Lucky One"
Prince Royce
Album: Double Vision
Genres: Latin / Latino, Pop
Moods: Attraction, Communication, Dreamy, Emotional, Impassioned, Passionate, Romantic, Relaxing
Slothrust "Rotten Pumpkin"
Album: Everyone Else
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Moods: Aggressive, Passionate, Rugged, Upbeat
Smallpools "Million Bucks"
Album: The Science Of Letting Go - EP
Genre: Pop
Moods: Fun, Love, Summer, Together
Tori Kelly "First Heartbreak"
Tori Kelly
Album: Unbreakable Smile
Genres: Alternative, Easy Listening, Indie, Pop, R&B, Singer / Songwriter, Soul
Moods: Ballad, Communication, Emotional, Impassioned, Loving, Melancholic, Mournful, Sad
TOTEM "Staring at the Sun"
Album: Staring At The Sun - Single
Genres: Pop, R&B
Moods: Desire, Electric, Flirtatious, Laid Back, Passionate, Melancholic
TOTEM "Shadows"
Album: Shadows - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Contemplative, Dark, Mysterious, Reflective, Suspenseful
Van Halen "Jump"
Van Halen
Album: 1984
Genre: Rock
Moods: Danceable, Feel Good, Happy, Upbeat
Van Halen "Panama"
Van Halen
Album: 1984
Genre: Rock
Moods: Attraction, Feel Good, Fun, Upbeat
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