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Sister Sparrow's album "Gold" features songs by Carter Matschullat, Jojee, and Coyle Girelli

Sister Sparrow's newest album "Gold," release on October 12th 2018, features some major Atlas star power with songs written by Carter Matschullat, Jojee, and Coyle Girelli! Listen to the album here!
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Atlas Music Publishing Taps Industry Vet Mike Locke To Head Sync Department

September 20, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA: Atlas Music Publishing today announced the hiring of Mike Locke as VP of Creative Synchronization and Marketing. In this role, Mike will be based in Los Angeles and oversee all sync activity, as well as ...
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Atlas Music Publishing Inks Deal With Brandi Carlile, Announces New Nashville Office

Brandi Carlile has signed a new publishing deal with Atlas Music Publishing, in a multiyear agreement that will also include the singer's back catalog. The worldwide deal will go into effect beginning in January 2019, and also cover future works, as ...
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  • Alexandra Patsavas - Owner, Chop Shop Music - “It’s a real pleasure to work with the Atlas sync team. Their pitching is accurate, turnaround fast, and they definitely go the extra mile to get things done.”

  • Troy Carter, CEO Atom Factory / Global Head of Creator Services, Spotify - "Atlas has definitely put a dent in the publishing business with their fresh approach!"

  • Rachel Levy, SVP Film Music, Universal Pictures - “It’s a real pleasure to work with the Atlas team on sync placements. They go above and beyond, which makes them an easy choice for fast and effective song licensing. In a world that always requires spot on song choices and quick licensing turnaround, it is nice to have a partner that we can ...

  • Danica Bates (Mullen Lowe Agency) - "These guys are the real deal. Professional like the majors yet personal like the indies. It’s so refreshing to work with a team who is responsive and willing to work WITH you to find the best solutions. From the creative aspects with Kristen (who is amazing!) to the licensing and business ...

  • Eddie and Alex Van Halen - "Atlas is doing what they said they'd do when we signed with them. That makes us very happy."

  • Darren Gilmore, President, Watchdog Management - "It has been refreshing and a real pleasure working with Atlas Music Publishing. Great business instincts for music publishing in 2015 combined with a sharp, energetic, and real hands on creative team. One of the best out there. Big things to come I have no doubt."

  • Joel A. Katz, Chair, Global Entertainment and Media Practice, Greenberg Traurig - "Rich Stumpf and his team at Atlas Music Publishing recently acquired the catalog of one of Nashville music's most successful independent music publishers, Combustion Music. What I appreciated most about working with them was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of the acquisition ...

  • Adam Fell (VP, Quincy Jones Music) - "Rich Stumpf is a detail-oriented, inspiring manager, with a comprehensive vision and in our case, he arguably increased the value of our catalog significantly when he and his team at the former Cherry Lane took it over."

  • Peter Paterno, Esq. (Van Halen, Pharrell) - "Atlas is one of the few publishers that I enjoy dealing with. They are smart and creative. Rich is a tough competitor when chasing deals, but win or lose, bad news or good news, he’s always gracious. I wouldn’t think twice about getting into business with Atlas.  They’ll provide value to ...

  • Gary Hovey (EVP, Elvis Presley Enterprises) - "I have known Rich for several years and have always had a productive and good working relationship. After working with Rich at Cherry Lane, his leaving to join a new company was the primary reason for us moving there as well ."

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